Education, good job, for whom? Is online business a solution?

Do you have a good job? That takes all your time and effort?

As a parent, you often come into the discussion about choices in life. You want the best for your kids and you learn them what you are learned from your parents. To educate and to get a Good Job.

Children start education for their parent’s sake. First, because they are young, and later it can be to get approvals from the parents. There are adults that still are working and living a life that their parents want, not themselves. To get the affirmation from the parents, which they never get.

I heard a parent screams to her daughter how important it was for her to have high grades, to get a good job.

Another parent said, that it was the best to continue reading at university directly after school so that “was done”.

There are more examples how parents try to do the best for their children and push them to a “good job, high degrees, high income” Demands that the parent think is good for their children.

For whom shall we educate? For ourselves, for parents or for the unwritten old society rules?

First of all, we parents want the best for our kids, and therefore we push them to take a “high program” to keep all the choices open. We want the best. But are we doing the best?

You are supposed to work from about 20-65. That is 45 years of work. So if you choose to wait 2 years to start university, is that a big deal? Maybe if you go 3-5 more years, and find out that it was a wrong education, that is more costly years? Loans and time.

Shouldn’t we raise our children to be independent self-thinking good persons? And when they know what they like, then they can read and educate themselves about the thing that THEY want. And get Their Good Jobs.

So we adults, when we think about our situation, for whom did we educate? For whom do you live your life? Is it for your parent? To get the approval from a mother or a father? Or from the unwritten rules in society, where we should show how good jobs we have by the size of the car, house or how many countries we have been in?

You may like your job, but is it the job YOU wanted? That is not the same, unfortunately.

Do you live where YOU want to live, city, town or countryside? Or do you live where you are “supposed to live” because you have to show your importance for others?

Ingvar Kamprad the founder of IKEA drove around in an old Volvo, I think to his death. He said that he didn’t have the use for a new car. The old Volvo was good enough and could take him where he wanted to go. I love that! A decision that a person takes for himself, not for anyone else!

And also that the money doesn’t have to be a tool to buy new and more things just because you can. That is a common race, that you should show off a new car, bigger house and things to show others how “good job” and important you are.

The importance to make your decisions for you, to live your life, and your dream is real

Both as a parent and as a child, I hope that you think about these things. For whom are you making your choices? For whom are you telling your child to get a certain education?

If you work for about 4o or more years, you should really really LOVE your job. And also have the BEST  out of it in many ways, not just the money.

What is a Good Job?

We all have our bills to pay, but what else is there? For me, it is to not having to sit in car-queues to and from work.
It is to not be exhausted after work.
It is to have Freedom to change my working hours. A sunny day I can work on the evening instead.
It is to have Freedom in working place. I can take a spontaneous trip somewhere and bring my computer, and work from there.
It is that the work doesn´t take a lot of hours from me.  Travel, work hours, tired after work is FAR TO MUCH! I don´t get paid for all that hours. A job should be far fewer hours!
It is to have Freedom in time if an elder parent gets sick, or if I have to go to a doctor. I can just change my hours without talking to a boss.
It is to have Freedom in time if one of my pets or a child has problems and maybe get sick. I can easily change my day, and help my child or take a pet to veterinary. No boss included in this decision.
It is to have the Freedom to take work decisions with that boss not included. I am my own boss, and I make the decisions when or what things should be done.
It is to have the Freedom to make automation in my work and to have the computer and the programs work for me, while I am doing other things.
It is to have the Freedom to earn money while asleep, while I am at the beach, or on a trip.
It is a lot about Freedom in Time and Place!

Is your time valuable?

Do you sell your time cheap? If you have a full-time job, with a reasonable paycheck. Do you count in the hours where you are traveling to work?
Do you count in the hours that you are so tired after work, that you don´t have the energy to do stuff that you love?
Do you count in the hours where you lie sleepless in nights and thinking of all you must do at work?
Do you count in the hours where you don´t meet your children because when you come from work, they are heading for the bed?
Do you count in the hours where the boss wants you to work overtime, may be unpaid, because something must be ready the day after?
Do you count in the hours where you feel stressed and unfocused, and that goes out over your family and children?
If you thought that you are reasonably paid, think again. Do you still think that you have a good paycheck? 

With Online Business, you can have the Time and Money Freedom

You can be with your children while they grow, you can take care of your parents, horses, pets, and not to be worn out. You can travel, rearrange a day, make your decisions without talking to a boss.

Most of all, a day off doesn´t take any money from your paycheck!

Your automation still works, even if you don´t, and your business is up and running!

If you want to be the next Online Entrepreneur that we help to start a business, then you can register here. 

You can change your life, your situation, and your work. You can do what you want and what you live.

You just have to think about your situation and decide whats best for you!

Love your life!





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